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All together, the chapters and their logical sequence firstly offer clarity of topic, problem and purpose. View talent management research papers on academia. The talent management process will therefore be driven by. The thesis strives to uncover definitions of the three terms talent management, talent and value. The application of talent management theories to the. A main contribution to the body of knowledge of today on talent management is the comprehensive model presented in the end of the thesis. In addition, it will explore whether the relation between the manager s belief about talent and the organizational talent management approach will be moderated by power distance. This thesis analyzes the armys current use of talent management tm processes, highlights their positive and negative effect on the officer corps, and explores options that may improve institutional, organizational, and individual outcomes. This thesis seeks to advance the talent management concept, its scope, purposes and overall goals, as well as its implementation in modern business. Three phases of talent management are briefly illustrated via the exemplary case of alibaba. Although an effective talent management alone cannot end the issue, what china has achieved in reversing brain. Rita kagwiria lyria thesis submitted in partial fulfilment for the degree of doctor of philosophy in human resource management in the jomo kenyatta university of agriculture and technology 2014.

Talent management deal with the attracting, developing and retaining the key organizational talent, this paper tries to present the association between talent management and employee engagement. Effect of talent management on organizational performance. The latest business management research and ideas from hbs faculty. The thesis aims to provide a clear picture of brain drain in china and the choice of china to solve this issue talent management. The study on talent management strategies for generation y and the competitive advantage of commercial banks in kenya sought to understand if leveraging on their talents puts the bank in a better competitive position. Pdf talent has become a popular term amongst academicians and practitioners during the last two decades. Completed on a comprehensive literature research we seek to find the value of talent management. A project report on talent management survey in company ltd. Therefore, this thesis would investigate how the concept of talent fits within the hospitality industry hotel sector. Talent management is about positive thing doing things for your people, investing in developing them, building on their potential and, therefore, helping people make the best use of their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses. Master thesis talent management tilburg university. Effect of talent management on organizational performance in. The talent management process is influenced by both internal and external factors.

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