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The latin text, collated by hopkins and published in the foregoing work, is not here reprinted. Complete philosophical and theological treatises of anselm. Dunthorne abstract this thesis explores the role of anselm of canterbury 10331109 in the development of theological thought in the late eleventh and early twelfth centuries. Yet the argument has been held in high esteem during western intellectual history. Such was his ability that in 1063 he was elected prior and in 1078 abbot, a position he held until his elevation as archbishop of canterbury in 1093. Anselm 10331109, a member of the bene dictine order and bishop of canterbury, extended the augustine tradition of seeking to believe in order to understand the truth and existence of god rather that seeking to understand in order to believe in the truth and exis tence of god. With an introduction by franciscus salesius schmitt. Anselms most famous work contains the ontological proof of gods existence. God and the state by mikhail aleksandrovich bakunin free. Studienarbeit aus dem jahr 2008 im fachbereich philosophie sonstiges, note. Impressed by the abbeys prior lanfranc, who had a rep utation as a scholar and teacher of dialectic, anselm joined the monastery as a novice in 1060. April 1109 in canterbury 1720 erhob papst clemens xi anselm zum kirchenlehrer. Studienarbeit aus dem jahr 2003 im fachbereich theologie systematische theologie, note.

It is a favorite source of analogies for him, some of them illuminating but others noticeably strained. Anselm on sacred beauty thomas williams university of south florida anselm has a peculiar fascination with the art of painting. Ontologischer gottesbeweis nach canterbury religion. Regarding anselms belief on this point we may cite the frank words of dean hook.

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