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Tlw analyze the raven for gothic conventions by dissecting the poem for setting, tone, supernatural elements, narrators character, and presence of the macabre. Gothic literature and the works of edgar allan poe for teachers 9th. Walpoles novel first introduced to gothic literature its single most influential convention, the haunted castle. A collection of english esl worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teach about gothic, literature, gothic li. This worksheet includes questions about vocabulary key included present in the story, atmosphere, foils, tone, suspense, gothic literature and comprehension questions about the sto. Through collection of the worksheet, i will evaluate whether or not students.

The gothic novel was invented almost singlehandedly by horace walpole, whose the castle of otranto 1764 contains essentially all. Elements of gothic literature emotions emotions run high in gothic literature. Students will be asked to fill out the last box on the gothic literature worksheet. Characters are often passionate and strongwilled, defying others or even their own common sense in pursuit of their. Other times, this story of darkness may occur in a more everyday setting, such as the quaint house where the man goes mad from the beating of. An introduction to gothic literature designed for a general year 7 class, making use of the reading materials provided and youtube clips of classic scenes from different adaptations. A cemetery defines a place which is used for the burial of the dead. Give each group a copy of a gothic poem, or selection from a gothic novel like frankenstein, the picture of dorian. Students can easily make connections between gothic literature and other types of literature, especially a writer as famed as poe. When you have chosen your five cards work together to improve the story. Students who need preferential seating will be encouraged to move where they feel. They will write a paragraph telling me something interesting they learned about gothic literature in class. Gothic was a literary form in the late eighteenth century. Printable lesson plan on the raven and gothic literature.

While reading through the story, write down common elements of the gothic novel and specific examples of its use from the text. Twelfth grade lesson elements of a gothic novel betterlesson. In present day, the word gothic has taken on a different meaning. Because of the nature of gothic literature, students especially love looking for gothic structures because of their love of the macabre. As a literary term, gothic can be defined as the subgenre of the novel with eerie, supernatural. Gothic genre and alerts us about the dangers of believing fiction and life are the same. In the next lesson they will write a timed, inclass essay on mary shelleys gothic style. American literature timeline period dates period name period characteristics famous authors and works arrived 40,000 20,000 b. The feather pillow by horacio quiroga is a story that is a great example of building suspense in gothic literature. Now that students know the conventions of gothic literature, have them browse the classic gothic literature collections. Browse gothic literature worksheets resources on teachers pay teachers.

Women are often curious and have a tendency to swoon, while men storm and rage in reflection of unseen inner torments. Mary shelley is best known as the author of the novel. Choose at least 4 pieces of literature from the site. Northanger abbey lesson 10 worksheet teachingenglish. Introduction and elements is a powerpoint presentation secured into pdf format of 38 slides including a very handy pretest preactivity which helps you assess how much students already know about the gothic genre beforehand, pl. A vocabulary list with gothic elements 461 downloads. Gothic story kit intructions for students you have 20 story paragraphs. It is flexible and will increase your students understanding of the elements in a gothic novel and how to identify them.

Nov 22, 20 this worksheet can be used with any gothic style story or novel. Her husband was the romantic poet percy bysshe shelley. Worksheets are gothic adventure, art, elements of gothic literature, fear darkness mystery, authors. Gothic adventure exploring the gothic style of washington national cathedral abstract a threepart program that is common core friendly and introduces architectural concepts and explores the relationship between gothic architecture, math, science, and art. Listening and viewing in 11th grade interpreting literature for 11th worksheet journey to castle dracula doc. Easy peasy allinone homeschool british literature day 120. Edgar allan poe has a unique and dark way of writing. Teaching the gothic in secondary classrooms semantic scholar. Find gothic literature lesson plans and teaching resources. A collection of worksheets for investigating the gothic genre. Gothic literature was born from the literary movement of romanticism in the 18th and the 19th centuries. Gothic literature worksheets gothic fiction worksheet.

The castle is the main setting of the story and the centre of activity. Mermaids, vampires, shapeshifters, sexual deviants, and madwomen fill the pages of. They then test their analytical abilities in a passage from frankenstein. Gothic and romantic literature 11th grade create a study trainer create custom courses get your questions answered. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The final assessment was an original story written in the style of the gothic genre. Displaying all worksheets related to gothic calligraphy. Worksheets and handouts are attached at the end of each lesson.

Gloomy, decaying setting supernatural beings or monsters curses or prophecies damsels in distress heroes romance intense emotions 1,2,3 2,3 1,3 written response up to a maximum of 800 words. A grid i used with excerpts from dracula, frankenstein, the fall of the house of usher, the castle of otranto. Gothic literature combines elements of horror and romance. Work together to assemble a story of five paragraphs. Here professor suzanne daly explores the imperial gothic, examining the ways in which otherness and empire were depicted in gothic novels such as jane eyre, the moonstone, dracula and. Worksheets are calligraphy magic, lettering practice work, calligraphy lesson plan plan. Goal 5 the learner will interpret and evaluate representative texts to deepen understanding of literature of the united states objectives. Therefore, it makes sense that gothic literature should be incorporated into the. The artist concept of the artist as the ultimate outsider, often haunted by his own creation. The gothic the british library the british library. The gothic a varied scheme which uses pre and post 1900 prose and poetry texts to explore conventions of the genre. Gothic literature has been a popular and beloved genre for many years. A collection of english esl worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and english classes to teach about literature, literature.

Gothic haikus are a creative poetry activity perfect for halloween or as an addition to your unit on edgar allan poe and gothic literature. I have selected a combination of poetry, short stories, and a novel, along with some excerpts of books and films so that the gothic themes are represented in. Study 30 terms gothic literature vocabulary flashcards. The gothic literature from the late 1700s to the late 1800s featured a multitude of female characters with monstrous qualities, specifically their transformative and transgressive bodies. English esl gothic literature worksheets most downloaded. Cemeteries are widely used in gothic literature as oftentimes frightening places where revenance can occur.

English esl literature worksheets most downloaded 41. Then read the dialogues and use these words to fill in. I like teaching this unit because i find that the subject matter is conducive to students doing a close reading. Each of the paragraphs you use must be a different colour. Pdf gothic literature in america elements of the gothic novel worksheet novels teaching. Elements of the gothic novel in the castles of athlin. An introduction to gothic literature designed for a general year 7 class, making use of the reading materials provided and youtube clips of. Gothic literature worksheets free download as pdf file. To most modern readers, however, the castle of otranto is dull reading. This lesson is part of another lesson about gothic literature and style. Firstly a building such as a cathedral that has a style of.

Horace walpole, author of the first gothic novel, the castle of otranto 1764, is generally considered the father of gothic literature. Task 3 vocabulary and reading check the meaning of the words in the box. It was fairly fresh, but not bleeding gothic story kit you have 20 story paragraphs. This american author has arguably the best fictional portrayal of madness and creeping paranoia ever. Also, many of these gothic tales took places in such gothic surroundings. It is significant because it contains the surreal, raised to the level of poetry which is the very essence of gothic. Identify all of the gothic literature conventions for each. This quiz and its associated worksheet will help you assess your understanding of the history and characteristics of gothic fiction.

Elements of the gothic novel worksheet with images. Gothic architecture by the beginning of the 12th century, the romanesque form was gradually giving way to the gothic style. On the other hand, northanger abbey deals with the process of growing up and how this usually leads to the loss of imagination. In this literature worksheet, students identify and locate vocabulary terms andor names related to words written by edgar allan poe. Doc young daughter old artificer constructing the gothic gothic literature worksheet printable worksheets and edreports myperspectives english language arts 2017 the gothic elements in edgar allan poe s raven pdf. Characters are often passionate and strongwilled, defying others or even their own common sense in pursuit of their goals. Scope for a range of creative outcomes from monster creation to writing a vampires handbook. Setting plot characters background finishing with students having a go at producing an original piece of writing.

Analyze craft and structure gothic literature answer key. Gothic literature worksheets gothic fiction worksheet scribd. This easytoimplement 3 day lesson plan will have your students writing short, powerful. The focus of this unit is to prepare students to look for specific elements in a literary work. Have your pens ready to record the highlights of your. The history of gothic literature is important and worthy of being taught as well.

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